Pattern Mixing Like a Pro!

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

I love to wear colorful clothes and I love prints, especially animal prints. However, I tend to pair brightly colored prints with solid colors. I think most of us are taught to dress this way. Leopard print? Wear it with black. Floral print? Wear it with black or white depending on the color in the background. It works, but it's BORING!

This is where my friend and fellow fashionista Pia, aka Mixed Fat Chick comes in. She's not afraid to mix patterns and play with color and she always looks fabulous! She and I teamed up recently so that she could teach me how to mix patterns.

Check out the video here:

I picked four items from my closet that I wanted help with mixing. I have a LOT of prints in my closet. As I mentioned before, I'm not afraid of prints, I just haven't learned how to mix yet, LOL! Pia was impressed with my selections AND with my closet and she went to town pulling tops, scarves, and other accessories that she thought would coordinate with the pieces. In the video you will see that we came up with a couple of options for each piece.

Below is the before and after of one of my favorite pieces, a modified zebra print pencil skirt from Eloquii

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